Discrimination and Injustice

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Discrimination and Injustice

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We previously published a post called “It’s Just Cannabis”, in which we talk about how we are dedicated to avoiding the use of any derogatory and inflammatory words for cannabis. One of the major reasons for that is that a large portion of those terms had connotations related to a history of oppression, specifically of oppressed communities. At the time we felt no need to elaborate, that it was better to remain silent on the matter and not feed into it. Afterall, Original Goods Cannabis has dedicated itself to being a place open and welcome to all, to being opposed to prejudice, discrimination and injustice. We had no need to point out the past, we thought it was best for others to tell the story, and for us to be silent. 

We thought the same with the recent protests, that for us it was not our place to talk, to speak up, to be silent. Here again we were wrong. 

We at Original Goods Cannabis stand with the oppressed communities, both in the United States and here in Canada, and with the First Nations of Canada. We encourage those in our community to do so as well, to come together to be kind together and to help one another.