What is THC?

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What is THC?

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When you talk about how “potent” a strain is of cannabis, chances are you’re asking about its THC component. In Canada there are varying degrees of THC levels, ranging from “little to minimal” (0-1.99%) to “Very Strong” (>20%) potency. THC is actually a broken down chemical, as when the plant is alive, it starts its life as THCA, which is a non-active compound. 

Like alcohol in alcoholic beverages, THC is the chemical that is more active in how intoxicated you become. This is due to its ability to bind to receptors in the brain. This is caused as the THC enters your nervous system, which has cannabinoid receptors naturally (in fact they’re a key part of your nervous system). The THC replaces the naturally occurring cannabinoids in your body, causing the effects we associate with intoxication with cannabis consumption.

When it comes to potency, we discuss the amount of THC in your cannabis, which we measure in milligrams per gram (mg/g), or asa percentage of milligrams per gram of cannabis. This can look like a product labelled with a 15% THC or 150 mg/g, which means there is 150 milligrams of cannabis per gram of cannabis. You will never find dry flower with 100% THC, though cannabis extracts may have up to 90% THC.