Why Vape?

by | May 4, 2020 | History and Opinion

Why Vape?

May 4, 2020 | History and Opinion | 0 comments

On October 17th, 2019, edibles, extracts and topicals containing cannabis became legal, which included the sale of vape products. I won’t lie, as a super casual cannabis consumer, I became pretty excited by this. The thought that we could get vape cartridges to attach to my existing hardware. And while this thought piece will contain no medical advice (please consult a doctor before trying anything new) I can at least talk about some reasons I have decided to go that route instead of the route of the typical dried flower. 


First and foremost, let’s get the most damning part of this piece out of the way; there are two things I hate about cannabis consumption, rolling joints and cleaning bongs. I know, the first one is probably pretty hard to see, rolling joints is such a huge part of cannabis culture, how could anyone dislike it? Fact of the matter is my fingers just aren’t that coordinated. I was a bassist after all, not a lead guitarist. As a result, rolling joints for me is just tedious, and more often than not I pass the party over to someone else to do proper so we don’t waste two papers. As for cleaning bongs, I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning them, so if I am finding myself relaxed and forget to do it immediately, I won’t end up cleaning it until the next morning, and then end up putting way too much time into it. Not how I wanted to enjoy it. 


Now, all of that said, I have held off trying the vape solution until recently. I enjoy my cannabis, and for me I feel more creative and engaged when I consume it, but up until recently it was a super casual affair for me, only coming up when friends would come over for a fire and a barbecue, and we’d add a little consumption into the mix. However, with the current state of affairs of the world, I decided, if I was going to it, now was probably the time. 


I picked up a single use, disposable cartridge about a week ago (which I know, isn’t as good for the environment, but for science purposes I figured I could forego it once.) I broke it out over the weekend, and finally took the opportunity to try it out when I had some spare time, writing some articles and doing some casual creative work of my own. The experience of consuming I’ll admit, I fell in love with. Currently I live in a rental, so my cannabis consumption has to happen in my backyard, but this I did in the comfort of my home office. No lasting scent, no excess heat, no proof I had even done it. Clean, discreet, and when all was said and done, nothing to clean up. For me, it seems like a perfect solution. 


Of course, this is the part where I need to see if there is any other reason that I may not use it. Well, if you’re looking to try it, but don’t want a disposable, it can be expensive to get into a full set up. If you do go for a disposable, again, environmental impact wise is not as forward thinking as we like to hope the cannabis industry is. You’re effectively throwing away the entire body and battery set up.  It’s also reliant on strains you like being available as a vape solution, where as you can find flower of every strain you want. With electronic dry herb vaporizers more and more available, this may be a restriction for you. 


So, should you vape? Well, as I said, I’m not your doctor, I can’t make that call for you, or give you advice. But take a look above, give it a think, and see what solution is best for you.